By: Got2bWireless Bluetooth car kit

This HF-FD-THP2-AMK-G2b Harness is designed for the non-amplified or amplified vehicle using the GTS-501, G2-1100, G2-2200 or music playing Bluetooth car kit. If your vehicle has a Visteon NAV headunit or a THX sound system, this harness will not work.


Our HFVT Bluetooth harness adapter HF-FD-THP2-AMK-G2b is designed for the following vehicles using the G2b Bluetooth car kit:


Model               Start Year  End Year 
AVIATOR   2003 2005
LS 2004 2012   
MARK LT 2008 2012    
MKX     2007 2012   
MKZ 2007 2012
NAVIGATOR 2003 2012
TOWN CAR 2003 2012
ZEYPHR 2006 2006

NOTE: If your vehicle has a Visteon NAV headunit or a THX sound system, this harness will not work.

NOTE:  Some 2009-2010 Ford vehicles require the red line to be connected directly to a 12 Volt switched power source to gain power.  This new harness allows you to make that direct connection by simply disconnecting the male bullet to the red power line on our harness and connecting the male bullet into a 12 Volt switched power source on the vehicle. If the vehicle does not require this step, leave the male bullet connected into the HF-FD-THP2-AMK harness.  

We try our best to make sure that the information on our website regarding the Bluetooth harness adapter solution for vehicle make, model, year and Bluetooth hands-free car kit is as accurate as possible and that you are ultimately responsible for making sure you have the correct Bluetooth harness adapter for your vehicle.  Please note some vehicles may require alternate solutions.  We encourage you to check all information regarding your vehicle type prior to making your selection. HFVTs maximum liability is limited to the original cost of the product(s) purchased. Thank you for choosing HFVT and we look forward to serving you.


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