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By: Novero Bluetooth car kit

This HF-VW-TH1-AMK-NVRO harness adapter is designed for Volkswagen non-amplified vehicles using the Novero Bluetooth car kit.


Our HFVT Bluetooth harness adapter HF-VW-TH1-AMK-NVRO is designed for hte following vehicles using the Novero Bluetooth car kit.



Model                 Start Year   End Year   Comment  
EOS 2007 2014  
GOLF, GTI, R32 2002 2014  
JETTA 2002 2014  
JETTA S 2014 2014  
PASSAT 2002 2014  
RABBIT 2002 2014 ALL
TIGUAN 2008 2014 ALL
TOUAREG 2002 2014  

NOTE: 1998-2015 non-amplified VW Beetle requires no harness.  If it is amplified, it may require an amplified unit.

We try our best to make sure that the information on our website regarding the Bluetooth harness adapter solution for vehicle make, model, year and Bluetooth hands-free car kit is as accurate as possible and that you are ultimately responsible for making sure you have the correct Bluetooth harness adapter for your vehicle.  Please note some vehicles may require alternate solutions.  We encourage you to check all information regarding your vehicle type prior to making your selection.  Thank you for choosing HFVT and we look forward to serving you.


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